I've always been the girl with the camera. My friends relied on me for their MySpace profile photos and I couldn't ever go to a party without someone asking me if I brought my camera. I'd excitedly pull out my $100 point and shoot and take crazy photos of my friends all night, then rush home to edit and post them.

When I was 20, I took my first photography class and finally got a DSLR camera. That's when I realized all of the creative freedom I suddenly had in my hands. I'd invite my friends over to shoot photos in my little DIY studio, blasting music for hours while we experimented with outfits and poses. I still feel that same exciting energy years later when I work with my clients.

In early 2013, after responding to a Craigslist ad looking for an assistant photographer, I was introduced to the world of wedding photography. After second shooting for two years in DC/MD/VA, I launched my own business and haven't stopped since. Now, I'm currently based in Indiana and Maryland, and travel all over the world for my clients.

Wedding photography blends my love for all things romantic, beautiful and nostalgic. There is nothing more exciting to me than creating images that I know are going to stay with someone forever and become part of their life story.

If you'd like to learn more about me and what I'm about, here's a link to my personal photos!


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