Washington and Oregon

What an amazing week of firsts!
Took Joe on an airplane for the first time(!), met up with our friends (Yvonne and Josh!) from home in Seattle, ran around an ancient grove in Olympic National Park, took a million photos while sticking my camera out of the sunroof during all of the long drives, ate a lot of almond butter sandwiches for lunch, saw a wolf for the first time (!!!!!!), hiked around the Cascades, met Joe’s sister Christine and her fiancé Nicholas in person (finally!), fulfilled our dreams of sleeping in an A-frame cabin and going to Canon Beach, did some engagement photos of Christine and Nicholas, danced and sang in a Portland karaoke bar (shoutout to Joe for the best renditions of Fleetwood Mac and Anthrax I’ve ever heard LOL), and…. wondered why the hell do we live on the east coast? 😛

Headshots of me by Joseph Cox, and the beautiful photos of Joe and I were photographed by Christine Elise Cox and edited by me <3 Thanks again, Christine!

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