Covid-19 Updates!

Hey guys!

First of all, I hope all of you are safe and healthy. I have been sitting at home, watching too much Netflix, practicing excellent social distancing, and most importantly, working on making sure our business is better than ever.

I will be updating this blog regularly with all of the dates that I am BOOKED. This way, when you’re talking to all of your other vendors about potential wedding dates, you can just refer back to this list to see my availability! We are all in the same boat right now, wondering what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month… and I want to make sure you guys know what exactly is going on over on my end.

If you have already booked your wedding date with me, but need to reschedule please let me know as soon as possible. I can easily update the wedding date on our current contract through Honeybook, and absolutely nothing else will need to be changed.

More good news; custom payment plans are available upon request! Our default for all of our wedding clients has been 50% due at signing, and the remainder is paid one month before the wedding. All of our other portrait sessions (engagements, maternity, family) have a 50% deposit due at signing, and the remainder due one week before the shoot. Please let me know how we can adjust this payment plan to make this work best for you guys.

If you have any questions, concerns, or just need someone to talk to please feel free to contact me!

Please note: I will be discontinuing my engagement/portrait/maternity/family sessions until non-essential businesses are allowed to continue services in DC/Maryland/Virginia! I am located in Alexandria, VA but my shoots are all over the DC/MD/VA area.

My list of dates that I am BOOKED:


April 21 – Evening shoot

May 3 – Evening shoot

May 16 – Evening shoot

May 26 – Wedding (postponed)

May 28 – Evening shoot

May 30 – Wedding (postponed)

June 6 – Wedding (postponed) + Evening shoot

June 7 – Evening shoot

July 18 – Evening shoot

August 1 – Wedding (postponed)

August 2 – Evening shoot

August 6  – Wedding (postponed)

August 7 – Wedding (postponed)

August 23 – Wedding

September 5 – Elopement

September 11 – Wedding

September 12 – Wedding

September 17 – My 30th Birthday! *OFF*

September 19 – Wedding

September 25 – Wedding

September 26 – Wedding 

October 2 – Wedding

October 3 – Wedding 

October 4 – Wedding

October 9 – Wedding

October 10 – Wedding 

October 11 – Wedding 

October 24 – Wedding 

November 17 – 24 California Wedding

November 29 – Wedding

December 5 – Wedding

December 12 – Wedding


March 12 – 14 Cancun Wedding

May 15 – Wedding

May 22 – Wedding

May 30 – Wedding

June 5 – Wedding

June 19 – Wedding

July 23 – Wedding

July 24 – Wedding

August 28 – Wedding

September 4 – Wedding

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